Must have heard about Autism! Do you know what it is? It is a chronic brain disorder. Do symptoms vary from one person to another? Yes, people diagnosed with this particular brain disorder have their own symptoms. What happens in case of severe Autism? Patients diagnosed with severe Autism are completely withdrawn and need round the clock care.

Developmental Stages to Autism Spectrum Disorder

The Autism spectrum was first introduced in the mid of 20th Century around 1943. In case of mild Autism, people may function but slowly it starts getting serious with the passage of time. There are various developmental stages in relation to autism spectrum disorder that include:

· Rex Syndrome

· Autism

· Pervasive Developmental Disorder

· Childhood Disintegrative Disorder

Each and every stage indicates variable degrees suffered whenever it comes to Autism. People who become prey to autism spectrum disorder will have difficulty in communicating and interacting with each other in a social manner to behavioural issues. Also, they will remain reserved and closed in their own world.


Some even refuse to hug or touch by their closest people too. Also, you will come across observing them to do repetitive actions. They will carry on repeating the same word again and again. As symptoms vary from one individual to another, each and every Autism attacked person will not at all have the same symptom.

How to Know if the Child Suffers from Autism Spectrum?

Parents are the first that will notice something unusual behavior in their child, provided he holds Autism issues. Every time it does not mean that the child has become prey to Autism. Observation must be carried out with due care prior halting to the decision. If any of the above mentioned symptoms get noticed, then there remains a doubt.

Rather than delaying, it is better to take the child to the doctor. With the help of his skills and expertise in the field, he will be able to know whether the child suffers from autism spectrum or not. If you notice that your child ignores you unnecessarily, then it is the symptom of Autism. Further investigation is required to get to know about the solution of the problem that persists.

Disorders in a person do not get noticed until and unless he becomes a bit older. Red flags in association with autism spectrum include the following:


· Lack of communication

· Unexpected social behaviours

· Stereotype behavioural patterns

These are some basic points that need to be kept in high consideration regarding Autism. It is better to stay in touch with a good doctor for further assistance.

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