What symptoms indicate that the child is autistic?

Autism spectrum disorders is a type of disorder that can make an individual go through a number of challenges especially in cases of communication, behavior and other related things. However, by finding out the early symptoms of ASD in the child, a better treatment can be provided to the child. Mentioned below are some of the common early signs that may indicate that child is at risk of ASD:

· In case the child does not show any expression after 6 months of age or even afterwards


· If the child doesn’t babble after 9 months of age

· If the child does not say any words by 16 months

· If the child cannot imitate or even repeat words by 24 months

These are some of the early signs that may indicate that the child is at risk of developing autism.

How can autism be treated?

Even though autism is usually a life-long condition, all children and adults advantage from therapies orinterventions as it can help to reduce symptoms and increase abilitiesandskills. Therefore, it is always better to start with the intervention as soon as possible as the benefits of therapy can continue all through life.


Mentioned below are some of treatments and inventions that are usually carried out in autistic child:

· Behavioral intervention: This helps to improve learning, communication and social skills but the outcome may vary from one child to the other.


· Speech and Language Therapy: As the name suggest this helps the child to communicate and be social and develop their speech and language skills.

· Social skill therapy: This helps the child to develop social skills and they get the training of how to mingle with people in the society and how to communicate and in what way they should behave.


Apart from this, the autistic child is also recommended a number of vitamin supplements and other medications to treat the symptoms of autism.

Why choose Austim-Singapore

Sundardas Naturopathic clinic offers naturopathy treatment for children suffering from autism singapore. The doctors here tend to provide holistic treatment to the child and thus their treatment may include correcting metabolic, nutritional, immune system and environmental imbalances. Here the autism doctor singapore understands that every child is unique and thus they require a different treatment and so they provide individualized treatment to the children.


In case the child is facing certain symptoms related to autism, then getting in touch with the doctors at Sundardas Naturopathic clinic can prove to be fruitful as they have certain proven interventions which can help the child to lead a normal life.

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