In case your kid has autism, the autism doctor Singapore is most likely to be an essential person in your life, right? For most of the families, it is the doctor who makes the referral, which starts the important diagnosis procedure; it is likely to be the doctor who refers your kid for dietary support, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, and other interventions, which can make your son or daughter’s life easier.

Autism doesn’t necessarily imply poor general health; the majority of kids with autism are as healthy as their parents and don’t get anything worse than the cases of sniffles.

While you don’t have to see the doctor frequently, the doctor could be a near-stranger that will be fine. It is always good to have a disease-free life – except on those particular occasions while you need to see the physician, you might find yourself controlling a meeting between a kid afraid of strangers anda physician who doesn’t know the quirks of your child. Not to mention, introducing the two could be a delicate matter.


Anticipating the appointment:

While a child has autism Singapore, anticipation can tip pretty easily over into nervousness and anxiety. In case your child has the language skills needed to understand, then you would have to prepare him/her for the fact that they have an appointment; however, in case that makes them worried about if it would go as it needs to be, what the ambiance would be like and what would happen while they get there, you would be dealing with a bothered kid.

For a child with autism, a trip to the autism doctor can feel like a step into an intimidating unknown.

This is more stressful in case the medical appointment disturbs a regular routine, like having to take time out of their school day. Ritual and routine could be your kid’s most cherished safeguard against anxiety and while you need to take them out of a known schedule into an unknown place, they feel pretty nervous.


Waiting to be seen:

For a kid with sensory sensitivities, a waiting room could be an exciting place. Fluorescent lighting oftentimes hurts sensitive eyes; moreover, medical products can have a disturbing and strong smell; crying babies, background conversation, buzzers, and a telephone can hurt sensitive ears of your autistic child.


Meanwhile, you would have to deal with an erratic waiting period, as even the reputed doctors can run late sometimes. Unstructured time is oftentimes uncomfortable for the autistic kids and a waiting room is such an environment where autistic children are needed to sit still, not mess with anything and control their voices, out of their comfort zone, and surrounded only by strangers.

Visiting doctors for your autistic child can be very stressful. However, it is something that you can’t ignore. So, preparation is the best approach.

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