Every parent wants their child to be the best. But sometimes there can be obstacles that can be a hindrance in the normal development of the child. Autism is one such thing which can hamper the child’s normal growth and progress.

Understanding the meaning of autism:

Autism spectrum disorder refers to a multifarious developmental disability in the child. It affects the nervous system. The cognitive, emotional, social and physical well begin of the child gets affected. Autism refers to a wide range of conditions. There is a wide spectrum of symptoms. Symptoms of autism can be seen when the affected child is around 18 months to 3 years old.


Here are some of the symptoms of autism:

· Poor social interaction

· Poor communication

· Repetition in behaviour and interest

· The social skills of the child are poor and he or she is unable to make friends


· Eye contact is poor

· No control on emotions

· Unable to accept any change in the routine

· Issues involving sensory perception and regulation

Parents need to take autism seriously!

If parents find any early symptoms of autism in their child then they need to take it seriously. According to certain reports autism can have serious effects in the long run. It has been found that the people with autism can suffer from intellectual disability or they can even remain non verbal. There can be a number of health issues like seizures, disturbances in sleep, concentration issues, GI disorders, phobias, anxiousness etc. So, if you find your child showing any symptoms of autism then they must seek immediate medical attention.


Parents need to take constructive action:

When you notice the first signs of autism you need to take action. Keep in mind that autism can affect the overall development of your child. Early intervention is of utmost importance. There are many families in countries like Singapore, where one can find children with this type of issue. Luckily, there are some very good autism doctor Singapore who have the expertise in treating children with this disorder. There are some reputed Naturopathy Clinics which treat the cause instead of just trying to suppress the autism. These clinics put the children with autism on different types of occupational therapies and make dietary changes which helps in giving better results. Parents need to opt for a clinic which will recommend treatment depending on the condition of the patient.


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