Autism or Autism Spectrum Disorder is a lifelong neuro-developmental disorder. It is characterised by inability to communicate and interact in a social environment, repetitive behaviour, poor social skills and inability to control emotions. Those who suffer from ASD are also have sensory perception and regulation problems such as sensitivity to noise, touch and light. Autism affects the way one perceives the world. The signs of Autism are detected during the first two years of the child’s life. Research says that Autism is caused by genetic and environmental factors and there is not one but many different types of Autism. Facts have shown that around one-third of people affected with autism remain non verbal and have intellectual disability.


Sundardas Naturopathic clinic is Aisa’s first naturopathic biomedical centre that provides innovation solutions to treat Autism in Singapore. The medical centre has been serving the South East Asian community for than a quarter of a century. An amalgamation of traditional natural therapies and latest technology, Sundardas Naturopathic clinic is a mldi-diagnostic centre to treat conditions that create an imbalance in the mind, body and soul. It is one of the most trusted places to consult for developmental disorders such as Autism in Singapore. Their diagnostic laboratory was officially launched in January 2002. Since then, they have served people and have proven track records.



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Before looking for autism doctor in Singapore, one must pay a visit to Sundardas Naturopathic clinic to obtain marvellous results to their medical problems. Using early intervention, language therapy, occupational therapy and applied behavioural analysis can help children diagnosed with ASD. Using naturopathy to treat a condition like Autism or ASD helps a great deal. It is because naturopathy helps on treating the cause from the root and not surpassing it. At Sundardas Naturopathic clinic, autism doctors in Singapore conduct the specific tests to identify the cause and remove it from root. Using natural therapies that maintain the imbalance in the body, one can benefit a lot from it. These may include correcting the nutritional, metabolic and environmental imbalances depending on the tests conducted. The symptoms of ASD may vary from person to person. Hence the treatment also is personalised, individualised and specific depending the severity of the condition.


There are many well known doctors for treatment of Autism in Singapore and Sundardas Naturopathic clinic is Asia’s first naturopathic biomedical centre for treating of Autism. Welly intervention can make a huge difference. If you are concerned about your child’s development, do not delay. Talk to your doctor, use a developmental milestone graph, or opt for an early intervention program. Early intervention is going to be less costly and your child will benefit a lot from the program. Intervention can involve behavioural treatment as it involves working closely with a team of professionals. Once children with autism grow up and start going to school, they may benefit a lot from specialised training and approach.


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