Autism spectrum disorder or ADS is a common type of brain disorder which affects normal development and intelligence in a kid. The kid with autism spectrum doesn’t build up social skills and might have problems in contenting themselves with his/her surrounding. They might even develop specific impairments like learning, speech, locomotive etc. They might suffer from oddities in muscle formation alongside gastronomical issues, erratic sleep pattern, subnormal intelligence, seizures.

Oftentimes an autistic kid has issues in learning in a normal way and has issues in articulation too. As they don’t have a visible disability, people might have difficulties in comprehending their problems. To normal people, the conduct of an autistic child or patient might seem improper and erratic.

The majority of parents don’t want to believe that their child could be undergoing from a serious disorder; even though they get a strong feeling that something is not right with the behavior of their child. They oftentimes overlook it thinking it would pass with time. But this approach might console a parent temporarily; however, in the long run, it would result in more difficulties and heartache. Thus, it is important to be aware of the symptoms so detection, as well as treatment, can start at the earliest.


Here are a few signs to search for in toddlers and babies:

· Doesn’t imitate your facial expressions or gestures

· Doesn’t make requests or ask for help

· Doesn’t share toys and never likes to be cuddled or doesn’t enjoy playing with anyone

· Doesn’t use gestures such as waving goodbye or pointing

· Doesn’t laugh or smile or try to interact with others

· Doesn’t make noises or babble

· Doesn’t respond while called by his/her name

· Doesn’t make eye contact while being fed or spoken to

Though each kid develops differently, there are specific landmarks which should be crossed at a particular age. Though some delayed developments are quite normal and never indicates autism at all. Missing too many landmarks can be a major autism symptom.


What to do if your child is suspected with an autism spectrum disorder?

Professionals and parents are more likely to identify these developmental differences. Well, to get a proper diagnosis, it is always better to consult a physician. At the hand of professional, an extended care program will be conducted.


Sundardas Naturopathic Clinic comes up with a holistic medical approach that helps to lessen the disorder to a great extent. So, if your child has been suffering from autism, then you should visit them and consult a professional to get the best results. Beside from professional therapists, a child with autism requires compassionate parenting as well. It is vital to understand the special needs of your special kid to encourage him/her to live a normal and happy life.

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