Autism is a developmental and behavioural disorder that can affect a person for any reasons. People with this disorder become conscious and hesitate to interact with the world. An Autistic people can feel, see and hear the world differently from normal people. If anyone has this problem, then he/she has to carry this autism for whole life. This is neither a disease nor illness, but still cannot be cured. Autism also is known as autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Autism is nothing but a spectrum disorder. A person who suffers from this disorder has some difficulties. It is not necessary that every autistic person have the same problem. Being autistic can affect a different person differently. Like some have mental health issues some have, some have a learning problem or any other conditions. People need a different kind of support for different conditions. If you can give right support to them autistic people can learn and develop. Your support will help them to choose their own way of life.

How Is Common Autism?

Autism is much common than your thinking. In the UK around 7,00,000 people have ASD which is more than one person in hundred. Autistic can happen to any culture any nationality or any social background. Though it affects men more than women. Singapore is known as for tourism but do you know that in Singapore autistic can be treated carefully. Singapore autism health clinic is renowned as from many countries, people often come here for checkup and treatment.


How Can Autism Be Diagnosed?

Every autism person is not same they have different behaviour too. If you think of another common disease the sign also be sam then you are wrong. The characteristics can vary from one person to another. Proper diagnosis is very much needed. A person can have persistent difficulties for social interaction and communication. Their behaviour is a repetitive and restricted pattern and if you notice that his/her activities are slightly different from another common person. autism doctor Singapore is a good choice for an autistic person. They will take care your child with special care and understand the root cause of this issue and after getting done with all the diagnosis they start their treatment. An autistic people face the difficulties in the time of communication not verbally and non verbally. Nor verbal means tone of voice and gesture. It is difficult to understand their language.



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